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Oakton Hospital Testimonials

I have a 14 lb Calico that believes she can take on the world.

I call her my battle cat since she will attack anyone and everyone that she doesn't know. I had been to several Vet's in the area and although my cat is tough, I didn't like the way she was handled around some of the offices. I even saw one of the Vet techs at another hospital literally throw her into a cage.

This is the first place that I went to that actually knew how to handle my cat! Although she would try to scratch and bite at the employees when they came near, they weren't afraid and didn't get aggressive with her. They would coax her into doing what they needed, whether it be with treats or toys. It worked and she is now comfortable enough around the staff that she doesn't try to attack them anymore. :)

I think that this hospital deserves a 5 star rating!

Dr. Ephraim = Caring, Compassionate and Informative

Our family has been coming to Dr. Ephraim for over 25 years and have had ALL of our dogs here. We travel very far to bring our two dogs here and we are at OAH monthly for nail trims. We will not let anyone else touch my dogs. We do not trust anyone with our dogs love the doctor, love the staff and always have a good experience. Dr. Ephraim cares about you and your pet and he explains all avenues of treatment so you feel educated. We see the Dr. for everything from yearly checks to serious conditions and you do not know your vet until you go through a crisis with your animal. Dr. Ephraim and his staff recently helped our family through two difficult surgeries with our Doberman. I can honestly say that we would not have been able to deal with the surgeries and the aftercare if it wasn't for OAH. We trust the Dr. and is staff is superior. He also keeps up on new technology and procedures and is very thorough. My dogs love him and so do we! pasting

Quality Care

I don't even know where to begin. We've been going to Oakton Animal Hospital for 25 years and have nothing but praise for Dr. Ephraim and his staff. They've always been kind and compassionate. Over the years, we've ran into some difficult situations and Dr. Ephraim has always been honest and very informative. He's always spent as much time necessary explaining in detail the options that were available to us as well as, the pros and cons. We always welcomed his opinion and have always gone that route and have never been disappointed with the decision we made.Here's a perfect example: Just a few weeks ago, our 12 year old border collie became very ill. She was lethargic, she could barely walk and we thought we'd have to put her down. After a blood test and X-Ray, we came to find out that she had a splenic tumor, it was huge. After consulting with Dr. Ephraim, we decided to go ahead with the surgery. Everything went just as planned and we couldn't be happier.

Dr. Ephriam Rules!

I've been taking my 12 year old lab Ripley to Oakton Animal Hospital for 11 years. Dr. Ephriam and his staff have always taken excellent care of my dog and I reccomend him to all of my friends and neighbors and anyone who reads this!

I've been with Dr. Ephraim for over 13 yrs and 4 dogs.

I've also recommended others to him. I've experienced other animal hospital's and none compare to the service and trust I receive at Oakton Animal Hospital. He also has a great staff. I am so confortable there I would never go elsewhere. Thank you all at Oakton Animal Hospital.

This is a review by my Grandma by Cory G.East Dundee, IL

We have been going to Oakton Animal Hospital for 13 Years. Moved from Bensinville to Algonquin. We are willing to make the drive, as we do like Dr. Ephraim and we TRUST him.

Midnight our 13year old cat, when he comes in for an examination he and his assistant Handle Midnight with gentleness and loving care.

He always explains the problem, the solution he one time explained to me is, this would be costly to you and a risk to Midnight because he is an older cat . That doesn't sound like he puts money first to me. He always has another way to deal with it.

When he speaks of him, Midnight I feel like he is talking about a person and not a cat.

He has great compassion for his patients you can see that by the way he talks to them.

His staff are always please, helpful and also cares about the animals.

When we leave he always has 2 or 3 patients waiting to be seen. What does that tell you?

There are so many choices when it comes to veterinarians in our area. So we decided to take our neighbors recommendation and tried Oakton Animal Hospital.

We took our family dog ( a mini labradoodle) for a basic check up. We instantly felt right at home. All of the staff seemed to be so caring and affectionate towards Cooper, our dog, and my kids. I can't say enough about the nurses and especially Dr. Ephraim.

With all of the special care we received I thought for sure the bill was going to be outrageous and when we checked out I was pleasantly surprised.

This is our vet for life!

As a kid growing up in Elk Grove Village we first started going to Oakton Animal Hospital in the early 80's then, as i got older we eventually moved from Elk Grove Village and took to our dog to other veterinary clinics around the Chicago area and found that i really felt like i didn't get the care i was used to at Oakton and ultimately came back to Oakton Animal Hospital and still doing so today regardless of the travel. Later with other dog's and our pets that we have today, we are going to Oakton Animal Hospital strictly, because i felt that they always had our dog's best medical needs and interest at all times, and for over 30 years now they had shown nothing less than absolute professionalism and compassion towards our pet's and ourselves, They are a truly incredible staff that provides great care and we will always continue to do business with Oakton Animal Hospital. I can sit here and write detailed events upon which Oakton Animal Hospital has demonstrated outstanding care towards us and our pets,but that's all in a days work for them.

My parents have been going to this vet for over 20 years and I just recently got my own dog and started taking him there. Every experience I have had there has been outstanding. The doctor is clear and gives good instruction. The staff is always friendly. Everytime I buy food they always ask of I need help out to my car. Which is convenient especially if you have multiple pets! Not only do they take excellent care of my pet, they take care of me. I would highly recommend Oakton Animal Hospital.

We have been going to Dr. Ephraim since 1988, all our dogs and cats and will continue with every pet we have. They truly care about your pet as if the pet were their own.

Great vet! Very cool and kind staff. Highly recommended.

I had a friend ask me the other day where I go for pet care. After a 20 minute rambling about my vet and how much I love them, my friend said, you should really write a review online. I have never done that before so I did some research and decided it would be a good idea because then everyone would know how good my vet really it. So, I hope you like my review!

I have been going to Dr. Ephrim and his staff since 1983 when we got our first new family member...Patches. Since then we have had 3 additions to our family. All of my pets are very special to me...they are truly a part of our family. We take training and medical care very seriously and would not treat them any different than we treat our 2 children. Each one of my pets have had some type of issue (they were all pure breds) so, we spent time at Oakton animal hospital regularly. Not only have I continued to go there for treatment but, they have also supported me each time I had to put my baby down....I have had to do this 3 times so far. Each time, this was handled with such love and tenderness that I knew it would be okay. Dr. Ephrim and his staff always sent us a sympathy card and flowers and even called a couple of days later to make sure we were okay. I have a "lovely" little (okay not so little...65 lbs) lab mix that we adopted from Kays Animal shelter. He does not do very well when we go to the dr....the first time we took him for his puppy shots, it took 3 of us to hold him down and we all came out bloody! I was mortified! But, everyone in that room was so supportive and really nice...still even played with Wrigley when we were done! He still does not like the exam room but, we have figured out that he does not like the table being raised and being pinned down. So, everyone has adjusted to his needs to make sure he and I are both comfortable. Not many vets would go to such great lengths to make sure we are comfortable.

I just love both the staff and "my" Dr. Ephrim! I never go unless he is there...I just prefer to see the one who knows me and my family best.

So, if you love your pet(s) as much as we do, this is the place for you!

The Team at Oakton AH has always been wonderful to me and my dog. I would give them my highest recommendation, and have done so on many occasions!

This clearly is the best animal hospital I have ever been to. Very clean, incredibly friendly and knowledgable staff and the most caring vet my cats have ever had.

They have been our vet for 15 + years and are amazingly kind and provide excellent care and guidance.

Really good place. Kind & honest, a difficult mix they achieve

Fantastic facility for furry friends and felines!

We've been going to Oakton since 1976, before Dr. Ephraim got there. We stayed with Oakton because Dr. is a wonderful & caring vet.

I have known Dr. Ephraim for over 15 years. He has taken care of 4 of my dogs and now 5. He and his staff are awesome and very caring. I totally trust his judgement and would never go anywhere else. This is the best animal hospital to care for your pets. Thank you Dr. Ephraim and Staff

Great animal hospital. We have been going there since 1983ish! Everyone is so nice there.

"Lincoln and Jax love the staff at Oakton!"

Mango and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your care. You are friendly, very thorough and loving! Just to hear the excitement in Dr. Ephraim's voice when he left the message about Mango's excellent test results shows me that we are not just another cat or dog. He REALLY cares ! We love you Oakton Animal Hospital!!!!!!!!!! Highly recommended!

Ahhhhhhhhhh....the reasurance, professional service, sound advice and knowledge I receive @ Oakton Animal Hospital. I have been to other facilities this past year and greatful to return to Oakton Animal Hospital. When I leave Pepper-onyx and Zetter for various procedures, I am reassured my babies willl receive high quality of care to promote HEALING.

Employee Testimonials Everyone is so nice there.

I want to thank you for welcoming me to the Oakton family. Before I started working here I was beginning to forget why I loved my job and started in the field. It had become all about the "politics" and the care of the animals came in second. Thank you for helping me remember why I started doing this and helping me realize that what I do really does matter and that it's appreciated. Thank you so much for everything. Hopefully, I can remain a part of the Oakton family for many years to come :)